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It's great that you are here.  A little about us...

We have more than 30 years of experience in teaching Hebrew and English to all ages.  

Our belief is that students know what is best for them.  They know how they like to study and what they like to study.  This makes our job more interesting.  All we have to do is to listen to you and then together we will plan accordingly.  As a result, the learning process is relaxing, productive, and dare we say it, fun!

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Bilha Hartuv

Hebrew Teacher

  • Graduate of Efficient Language Coaching

  • Life Coaching, Bar Ilan University

  • Phototherapy, Open University

  • Group Facilitation, Machon Gishot

  • M.A. in Jewish Studies, Machon Lander

  • B.A. in Education and Literature, Bar Ilan University

  • Teaching certificate, Bar Ilan University

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Ros Rubinstein

English Teacher

  • ​Graduate of Efficient Language Coaching

  • Life Coaching, Coach Me Colege

  • ADHD/ADD Coaching  The Centre for Behavioral Training

  • Remedial Language Education, Nitzan 

  • M.ed. in Multicultural Language Education, Levinsky College of Education

  • B.A. in Education and English, Beit Berl Teachers’ College

  • Information Management, Technion

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